Factors supporting long-distance large-span transmission of BWS 1600G equipment


The following factors support long-distance large-span transmission of BWS 1600G equipment: super WDM modulation technology, FEC technology, Raman amplification, and ROPA technology.

Other related questions:
Whether BWS 1600G supports two system control boards
BWS 1600G does not support two system control boards.

Theoretically maximum single-span transmission distance (km) of the OSN 8800
The maximum transmission distance of a single span of the OSN 8800 is 1 x 81 dB.

Whether a BWS 1600G supports dual system control boards
A BWS 1600G does not support dual system control boards.

Maximum transmission distance of WDM equipment without an electrical regeneration board
The transmission distance varies depending on the wavelength spacing, rate, fiber type, and modulation format of the system.

How long is the longest transmission distance of the U19 ASI analog line
0.4mm.n the case of the case of the theory of 5km transmission distance, it is recommended that the line is not too long or signal attenuation affect the use of.

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