LCT user password changing on BWS 1600G


The password of the LCT user can be changed only after the LCT user successfully logs in to the LCT NMS.

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Whether the fan of BWS 1600G is displayed on the NE panel
The fan of BWS 1600G is not displayed on the NE panel

Method of changing the root user password on BWS 1600G
To change the root user password, run the sm-edit-pass command.

Whether an OHP2 board of a BWS1600G can be replaced by an OHP board of a BWS320G
An OHP2 board of a BWS 1600G cannot be replaced by an OHP board of a BWS 320G. BWS 320G also has 71OHP and 72OHP boards.

Whether the password of the LCT user on BWS 1600G devices can be changed
Question: When a user logs in to an NE using the T2000 LCT, can the user change the default password of the LCT NE? Analysis: None Answer: A common user with sufficient permissions can change the password of specified users in the common NMS, Web LCT, and command line interface. Default users such as szhw, root, and lct can change their own passwords and the passwords of users with lower permissions on NEs developed based on the OSP02 platform, such as BWS 1600G. Therefore, for LCT users: 1. They must log in to NEs as the lct user from the Web LCT. 2. They need to change the password of the lct user in the user management window. 3. They can create users with lower permissions as the lct user, and set or change the passwords of these users. Suggestion and conclusion: None

Whether OSN 6800 boards can be used in the BWS 1600G
No NG WDM board can be used in the BWS 1600G.

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