How can I check the running duration of a board


Run the display version command in any view. The message "LPU X: uptime is X week, X day, X hour, X minutes" is displayed next to each board version information list. This message indicates the running duration of the board. For example, if "LPU 2 : uptime is 0 week, 0 day, 6 hours, 1 minute" is displayed, LPU 2 has been running for 6 hours and 1 minutes after registration.

Other related questions:
How can I check the reason that a board is reset
Run the display reset-reason command to check whether a board is reset actively or passively.
  • If the message "Reason: A link fault fails to be rectified." is displayed, the board is actively reset.
  • If the preceding message is not displayed, the board is passively reset.

How do I view the scheduled conference start time on the SMC2.0?
View the scheduled conference start time on the SMC2.0 as follows: Select a scheduled conference in the conference list, click Edit Scheduled Conference, and view information such as the conference start time in the conference information window.

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