Service interconnection between TN11NS3T01 and TN11NS3T03


The modulation format for the optical module on TN11NS3T01 is DQPSK and that for TN11NS3T03 is ODB. Therefore, the service interconnection is not allowed.

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Service interconnection between TOA and TOG boards
Services on the TOA board can be interconnected with those on the TOG board.

Interconnection mode between TOA and IPRAN
In GMP-TTT mode, synchronous Ethernet transparent transmission is supported.

Interconnection between LW40 and LU40 (40G OTU boards)
The UFEC modules in the LW40 and LU40 boards are provided by different vendors. As a result, the UFEC algorithms of the two boards are different and therefore the two boards cannot be interconnected. To implement interconnection between LW40 and LU40 boards, disable the UFEC function of the two boards and enable the standard FEC function of the OTN equipment. The FEC error correction capability, however, will be greatly reduced when the standard FEC function of OTN equipment is used.

Differences between "multirate service" and "any service"
"Multirate service" and "any service" are the same. They both indicate that the client side of the board supports services of multiple rates.

How to configure data for U1900 to interconnect with the BMU
For details, see Configuration > Configuration Guide > Registering Users with the BMU > Configuring Data for Interworking Between the BMU and the Unified Gateway in the product documentation .

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