Relationship between the OTS, OMS, and OCh layers


An OTS trail is a trail between FIU boards or between OA boards at two sites. An OMS trail is a trail between MUX, DEMUX, or OADM boards at two sites. An OCh trail is a span between line boards.

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Relationship between OTS, OMS, and OCh layers of WDM devices
OTS is located between the FIU or OA boards of two sites. OMS is located between the MUX and DEMUX boards of two sites. OCh is a span on a single wavelength.

Relationship between ZooKeeper and HDFS
ZooKeeper Failover Controller (ZKFC) is the client of a ZooKeeper cluster that monitors the status of HDFS NameNodes. The ZKFC process is deployed only on the node where a NameNode is deployed. It can be deployed on both the active and standby NameNodes.

Relationship between the Elk database and HD
Elk is an SQL on Hadoop solution. It is a component of HD and provides excellent SQL query performance and compatibility on HD.

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