Causes for the issue that OSN 6800 SFIU board does not support optical power detection but has an input optical power loss threshold


1. Unlike a common FIU board that reports a combined alarm MUT_LOS depending on alarms concurrently reported by OA and SC2 boards, an SFIU board carries single-fiber bidirectional OSC signals. Because an MUT_LOS alarm occurs at the OA in the receive direction, and the IN port of the OA and the SYS1/SYS2 port of the SFIU board are connected through a logical optical fiber, the NE reports an MUT_LOS alarm that is combined with alarms reported by the LINE1/LINE2 port on the SFIU board.
2. The input optical power loss threshold for the WDM port on the SFIU board can only be queried but cannot be set. This counter is reported from the system control board through a query of the OA counter. That is, the input optical power loss threshold for the SFIU board is the input optical power loss threshold for the OA board in the receive direction of the logical optical fiber.

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Whether the FIU board on OSN 1800 supports optical power detection
The TNF2FIU board on OSN 1800 V1R5C00SPC200 supports optical power detection.

Dealing with the issue when the OAU board has input optical power but does not emit light
The possible cause is that the laser on the OAU board is not turned on. You are advised to check the laser status.

Transmission distance and receive optical power range of a TOM board on OSN 6800
The transmission distances of a TOM board on OSN 6800 can be 10 km, 40 km, and 80 km. The receive optical power range is �? to �?0 dB.

Single-wavelength input optical power range and nominal single-wavelength optical power of the OBU101 board on the OSN 6800
The single-wavelength optical power range is �?2 dBm to �?0 dBm, and the nominal single-wavelength optical power is �?0 dBm. The receive optical power depends on the number of added wavelengths.

Threshold of the input optical power of a WMU board in the OSN 6800
For the WMU board in the OSN 6800, its single-wavelength input optical power must be in the range of �?6 dBm to �?6 dBm.

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