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1. Basis for optical power equalization licenses
(1) License name: optical power equalization software fee (per board)
(2) License function: whether the TN13M40V board supports single-wavelength power adjustment
(3) License applicable object: number of TN13M40V boards
(4) License model: no model difference
(5) License calculation:
NMS: The number of licenses is deducted by N every time the NMS applies N licenses to NEs.
NE: The NE deducts one license every time power equalization is enabled for a TN13M40V board on the NE.
(6) License BOM number:
82600688: optical power equalization software fee (per unit)
2. Compared with other licenses, this license is used differently.
Step 1. Use the NMS to allocate a required number of licenses (batch licenses) to a specified NE.
Step 2. On the NMS, enable power equalization for specified TN13M40V boards. Then the NE software deducts the licenses accordingly.
Note: If an NE has more licenses than required, release the excess licenses for other NEs. The NMS controls only the total number of all NEs. For example, there are 10 optical power equalization licenses in total. Seven licenses are applied to NE A and the other three are applied to NE B. You can reduce the number of licenses of NE A to four and change the number of licenses of NE B to six.

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TP-Assist function license
1. TP-Assist Basic Function License -- Basics (1) License name: TP-Assist basic function fee (2) License function: determines whether a subrack supports the basic functions of TP-Assist. (3) License applicable object: physical subrack (by equipment type) (4) License applicable object unit: Equipment of the MS-OTN I, MS-OTN II, and MS-OTN III types Each subrack needs one corresponding license. (5) One such license is required by each subrack for which TP-Assist is enabled.

Cause why OSN 6800 NEs report license-related alarms
Question: A customer provides feedback that all system control boards of 48 OSN 6800 NEs report the SYSTEM_DEF_RUNNING alarm one day. One of the NEs also reports the VERIFY_LCS_ERROR alarm. Analysis: 1. A dedicated ASON license file must be loaded to an OSN 6800 NE to enable ASON for the NE. 2. The OSN 6800 NE periodically checks whether the license has been loaded on the system control board. If the ASON license has not been loaded, the SYSTEM_DEF_RUNNING alarm is reported. 3. If the ASON license has been loaded but is about to expire, the NE reports the LICENSE_GOINGTO_EXPIRT alarm. 4. If an incorrect ASON license has been loaded, the NE reports both the SYSTEM_DEF_RUNNING and VERIFY_LCS_ERROR alarms. Root cause: None Answer: 1. Because ASON has not been enabled for the NEs, directly suppress the alarm. If ASON is required later, load a correct license file. 2. Run the license-show-file command to query license information. Suggestion and conclusion: When ASON is not enabled, you are advised to set license-related alarms to be not monitored to avoid customer misunderstanding.

Whether intelligent optical power equalization management of the M40V board is controlled by license on the NMS
Yes, the function is license controlled on the NMS, and it is unavailable if no license supports it.

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