ASON trail quantity license


1. Basics for ASON trail quantity licenses
(1) License name: Fee of each WDM ASON service port
(2) License function: maximum number of supported ASON WDM trails (bidirectional)
(3) License applicable object: number of OTU board ports (rate specific)
(4) License model:
Four rates are supported, namely, �?2.5G, 2.5G�?0G, 40G, and 100G
Each OTU board port corresponds to one license.
(5) License calculation:
Maximum number of manageable ASON WDM trails (bidirectional) = Number of saleable licenses/2
For example, when a user purchase ten <2.5G licenses and twenty 40G licenses, the user can manage a maximum of five 2.5G LSPs and ten 40G LSPs on the NMS.
2. Query for ASON trail quantity licenses: On the U2000, choose Help > License Management > License Information.

Other related questions:
Cause why a TOM board on an ASON trail that is equipped with tributary SNCP protection does not support tributary SNCP protection
To create tributary SNCP protection, you need to first set the service mode and port working mode for tributary boards. Please check whether the service mode and port working mode have been configured for the TOM board.

Number of preset restoration trails that can be configured for electrical-layer ASON
When the system resources are sufficient, two preset restoration trails can be configured for each ASON service.

Restriction on the types and quantity of OSN 8800 NEs on an ASON network
For an OCS ASON (also SDH ASON) or OTN ASON network that is equipped with OSN 8800 of version V100R007C02 or later, the number of electrical subracks cannot exceed 150 equivalent OSN 8800 T32 subracks (75 OSN 8800 T64 subracks, or 300 OSN 8800 T16 subracks).

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