Causes for setting the gain of the OAU board to a value greater than the maximum gain permitted by the board


1. The input optical power is excessively low.
2. The insertion loss between the TDC board and the RDC board is excessively large.
3. The required OA type cannot satisfy the optical power requirements for system design.

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Querying the nominal gain and actual gain of an E3OAU board through the CLI
1. Query/Set the current nominal gain of the board by running the :cfg-get/set-stdgain:bid,4,1 command. 2. Query the current actual gain of the board by running the :cfg-get-gain:bid,4,1 command. 3. The actual gain is the optical power of the OUT port minus the optical power of the IN port.

Launch power adjustment of the OBU board on OSN 6800
The gain of an OBU board is fixed , but the gain of an OAU board is adjustable and gain locking and power locking are supported.

Whether the gain of the TN12OBU104 board is tunable on the OSN 6800
The gain is tunable within a very short range, and you are not advised to tune its gain.

Method used to query the gain of an OA board
In the NE Explorer of the U2000, choose Configuration > WDM Interface. Then query or set the value of the Nominal Gain parameter.

Gain range of the TN11OAU103 board
The gain range of the TN11OAU103 board is 24 dB to 36 dB.

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