Issues about the replacement of 51SCC and 11SCC boards by 52SCC boards


The 52SCC board can substitute for the 51SCC board in the versions later than, but they cannot mutually back up each other for a long period of time.

Other related questions:
Whether the E7LWF board can replace the E6LWF board on BWS 1600G
The E7LWF board cannot replace the E6LWF board on BWS 1600G, and FEC and AFEC cannot be interconnected.

Whether the E4TMR01 board can directly replace the E2LRF04 board on BWS 1600G
The E4TMR01 board logic needs to be reconfigured to TMR first, then it can replace the E2LRF04 board. The E4TMR01 board can be interconnected to LBF.

Whether 52SCC boards can be used to substitute for 51SCC and 11SCC boards
For an OSN 6800 whose version is later than, the 52SCC board can be used to substitute for the 51SCC board. However, the two types of boards cannot work in active/standby mode for a long time.

Whether TN52SCC can replace TN51SCC
Yes, but the board software needs to be upgraded.

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