Impact of changing the NE ID of OSN 8800


The following functions will be affected if the NE ID is changed for WDM devices: the logical fiber connections (FM), automatic optical power adjustment (OPA), intelligent power adjustment (IPA), automatic level control (ALC), automatic power equilibrium (APE), wavelength locking, optical port protection, OWSP protection, OD, and OD V2.

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OSN 8800 NE resource grouping to OTN optical NEs
Select an optical NE. Right-click it and choose Attribute from the shortcut menu. Navigate to the Resource Division window. In the window, find the desired OptiX OSN 8800 NE from idle NEs and add the NE to the right-side box. Then click OK.

Restriction on the types and quantity of OSN 8800 NEs on an ASON network
For an OCS ASON (also SDH ASON) or OTN ASON network that is equipped with OSN 8800 of version V100R007C02 or later, the number of electrical subracks cannot exceed 150 equivalent OSN 8800 T32 subracks (75 OSN 8800 T64 subracks, or 300 OSN 8800 T16 subracks).

Precautions for changing the IDs of OSN 3800/6800/8800 NEs
Pay attention to the following when changing the IDs of OSN 3800/6800/8800 NEs: Changing an NE ID is risky because it will interrupt NE communication. Before changing an NE ID, you must delete fiber connections, protection groups, and functions such as IPA and ALC from the NE. After changing the NE ID, you need to reconfigure the fiber connections and functions for the NE on the U2000. Before changing an NE ID, you must delete the manually added monitoring relationship between WMU boards and OTU boards or line boards from the NE. After changing the NE ID, you need to restore the monitoring relationship on the U2000. If the IP address of an NE is not changed before you change the NE ID, the IP address of the NE varies according to the NE ID. Once the IP address of the NE is changed, the association between the NE ID and IP address is canceled automatically.

Whether services are affected if an OSN 8800 fan board is removed
Removing the fan board from the subrack will sharply increase the temperature inside the subrack, adversely affecting stable equipment running. Services may be affected and even equipment may be damaged.

Changing NE IDs and IP addresses
ECC protocol identifies NEs by NE ID. The U2000 also identifies NEs by NE ID and uses NE ID as a keyword for search. A unique NE ID must be assigned for each NE during network planning. NE ID conflicts cause ECC route collision, which will result in unreachability of some NEs. In a commissioning or expansion process, you can change NE IDs using the U2000 if required when the original network plan is modified.

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