Command for enabling Web LCT access on Metro 100



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Command for enabling the web NMS of an AR router
The commands for enabling the web NMS of an AR router are as follows: For routers that support the web NMS, enable the web function on the routers to enable the web NMS. Specific method is as follows: [Huawei] http server enable //Enable the HTTP service. [Huawei] http secure-server enable //Enable the HTTPS service.

Operating temperature of Metro 100
The operating temperature of the Metro 100 must be within the range of 0°C to +45°C.

Power consumption of Metro 100
The maximum power consumption of the Metro 100 is 17 W.

Command for setting alarm output of Metro 1000
The command for setting alarm output is as follows: :cfg-set-swoutmode:Bid, SwitchId, Switchmode, Example: cfg-set-swoutused:14,1,enable\\Indicates that alarm output is enabled.

Method used to set the IP address of the web LCT computer when logging in to the OSN 8800 on the web LCT
Set the computer IP address to be in the same network segment as the equipment IP address. The default network segment is 129.9.X.X.

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