Command for changing the extended ID of the Metro 2050


The command for changing the extended ID of the Metro 2050 is :cm-set-subnet:extended ID.

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How about DCC support for Metro 2050
SS11SCC:support 6 channel D1~D3;unsupport D4~D12�?SS12SCC:support 6 channel D1~D3;unsupport D4~D12�?SS13SCC:SS13SCC support handling 6 channel D1~D3 or D4~D12�?SS32SCC:SS32SCC support handling 10 channelD1~D3,unsupport D4~D12.

Differences between the SL1 boards of the Metro 2050 and Metro 3000
The SL1 boards for the Metro 2050 are SS1*SL1/SS3*SL1/SS5*SL1, and the SL1 boards for the Metro 3000 are SS6*SL1.

Commands for disabling ECC check and scheduled exercise switching on the Metro 2050
Command for disabling ECC check: :apsc-set-statecheck:sysnum,0; Command for disabling scheduled exercise switching: :apsc-set-exertiming:sysnum,0,0;

Network cable used on the management network port between devices for extended ECC communication
The Metro 2050 is connected to the OSN 1500B through the management network port using a crossover network cable for extended ECC communication, because both are terminal devices and Metro 2050 does not support auto-sensing.

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