Method used to change the IP address of Metro 1000


You can run the cm-set-ip:IP address command to change the IP address of the Metro 1000, and then run the reset command for the change to take effect.

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METRO 1000 SLOT capacity
Slot 1,slot 2,slot 3 provide 1.25G capcity respective ,slot 4 provide 622M

Whether fans for Metro 1000 V2 and Metro 1000 V3 are mutually universal
Yes, fans for Metro 1000 V2 and Metro 1000 V3 are mutually universal.

Clock output interface of Metro 1000
V3 equipment: The clock interface is SYNC 1/2, which is a two-channel 120-ohm external clock input/output interface. V2 equipment: The clock interfaces are the IN I/OUT I and IN II/OUT II interfaces on the SCB board. The interface rate can be set to 2 Mbit/s or 2 MHz.

Command for setting alarm output of Metro 1000
The command for setting alarm output is as follows: :cfg-set-swoutmode:Bid, SwitchId, Switchmode, Example: cfg-set-swoutused:14,1,enable\\Indicates that alarm output is enabled.

Method used to change the IP address of a cluster
FusionInsight HD allows you to change the service plane IP address, management plane IP address, and OMSServer IP address of a node. After the modification, you do not need to reinstall the cluster or restore the data. However, the dual-plane isolation networking and single-plane networking switchover scenarios are not supported. For details about how to change the IP addresses, see "Administrator Guide > Cluster Management > Changing IP Addresses" in the FusionInsight HD V100R002C80SPC200 Product Documentation.

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