Components of the electromechanical system of the OSN 9500


The electromechanical system of the OSN 9500 is composed of:
Two PIU boards
Two fan boards and fan trays
One PBU board
One EMPU board
MBUS system

Other related questions:
Power distribution boxes used by OSN 9500
There are two types of power distribution boxes for OSN 9500: SSJE1JPDU (02120222): It has a switch panel on the left side and right side each. Each panel has one 63 A circuit breaker and two 20 A circuit breakers. OSN 9500 and OSN 3500/7500 cannot be installed in the same cabinet, unless that a 100 A circuit breaker for a power cabinet can be provided. SSJE2JPDU (02120333): It has a switch panel on the left side and right side each. Each panel has one 63 A circuit breaker and two 32 A circuit breakers, which can be used when the OSN 9500 is installed in the same cabinet as the OSN 7500 or OSN 3500. There are four power inputs in total, separately supplied to the OSN 9500 and OSN 7500 or OSN 3500.

Reset types in the Errorlog records of the system control boards on the OSN 9500
Question: In OSN 9500 V100R001B01, the following information is displayed after the Errlog command is issued: No.71: 2006-4-17 15:45:40 BOARD=47 TYPE=0xf0000004 SOFTTYPE=2 What does TYPE mean in the command output? Answer: TYPE: reset type. The definitions are as follows: #define VOS_RST_ERASE_FPGA 0x1 /*A reset clears the FPGA and triggers switching.*/ #define VOS_RST_ERASE_STRING 0x2 /*A reset clears records and triggers switching.*/ #define VOS_RST_COLD_BOOT 0x4 /*The board is powered on and switching is triggered.*/ #define VOS_RST_DOGRESET 0x10 /*Watchdog reset*/ #define VOS_RST_RECONLY 0x100 /*Only reset information is recorded but no reset is performed.*/ #define VOS_RST_SOFTDOGRESET 0x200 /*Software watchdog reset*/ #define VOS_RST_VALID 0xf0000000 /*A reset is successful.*/ SOFTTYPE: type of the reset software. Valid values are as follows: 1: BIOS 2: NE software 3: board software

Automatic laser shutdown on the SL64 board of the OSN 9500
When one end does not receive optical signals, it reports an R_LOS alarm to automatically shut down the laser, and the peer end shuts down its laser after receiving the R_LOS alarm. To ensure that light emitting can be immediately recovered after a fault is rectified, the lasers on the ports at both ends are turned on every other minute and the turn-on state of the lasers is kept for 2 seconds. If the fault persists, the lasers will be kept shutdown for 1 minute. The lasers at both ends are recovered if optical signals can be received immediately after the fault is rectified.

Meanings of ASON, OCS, and DCS in OSN 9500
In the OSN 9500: ASON means automatically switched optical network. OCS means optical core switch. DCS means data conference server.

Components of an ASON system
According to ITU-T recommendations, an ASON system is made up of three parts: control plane, management plane, and transmission plane. The management plane refers to the U2000 system, the control plane includes a WDM network, and the control plane carries the ASON software.

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