Command for unlocking the database write protection status of the OSN 2500+


You can use the dbms-set-pmode command to unlock the database write protection status by setting switch to disable and wrtright to open.

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OptiX OSN 2500 list of largest access ability
Lists and access to the largest capacity STM - 16 standard or cascade of business: 9 STM - 16 (FEC) business: 7 STM - 4 standard or cascade of business: 36 Standard business STM - 1:92 STM - 1 (electric) business: 34 road 16 road E4 business: E3 / T3 business: 57 E1:252 T1:252 Fast Ethernet (FE) : 88 Gigabit Ethernet (GE) business: 28 road STM - 1 ATM business: 28 road STM - 4 ATM business: 7 ESCON business: 20 road FICON/FC100 business: 9 FC200 business: 4-way DVB - ASI business: 20 N x 64 kbit/s business (N: 1-31) : 32 Usual E1 business: 32

Power consumption of the OSN 2500+
Power consumption of the OSN 2500+ is 580 W.

Method used to query the working status of an OLP protection group on the OSN 8800
On the U2000, select an NE. In the NE Explorer, choose Configuration > Port Protection from the navigation tree. Query the values of Working Channel Status and Protection Channel Status.

Principle and protected object of ODUk SNCP protection in the OSN 8800
ODUk SNCP protection is a type of linear protection implemented using the dual feeding and selective receiving function. ITUT-T G.873.1 defines it as a linear OTN protection for ODUk services. Usually, one tributary board and two line boards are required to configure ODUk SNCP protection and implement dual feeding and selective receiving.

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