Method used to restore the database package for a non-ASON NG SDH NE


During restoration of the database package on a non-ASON NG SDH NE, some services are interrupted after the database package is downloaded. As a result, alarms such as AU_AIS, TU_AIS, and HP_UNEQ are generated. Is there any method for preventing services from being interrupted during database package restoration?
During database package restoration, if you choose to issue configuration data to boards and the configuration data in the database is different from that on system control boards and cross-connect boards, services will be interrupted.
1. Before restoring the database package, collect the basic configuration information of the NE.
2. Select Restart for the activation type. Do not select the option for issuing configurations to boards.
3. After the restoration is completed, collect the basic configuration information of the NE again, and compare the collected data with the previously collected one.
4. If the data is consistent, perform a warm reset on cross-connect boards and service boards in sequence.
5. If the data is inconsistent, find out the missing services or modified services based on the data collected before restoration to create a configuration script, and configure the services separately. When the data is consistent with that collected before restoration, perform a warm reset on cross-connect boards and service boards in sequence.
6. Check whether services are interrupted.
Suggestion and conclusion:
Restoring the database package is a high-risk operation. Therefore, perform operations following the requirements.

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Whether the TDX board on the OSN 8800 can be interconnected with the SL64 board on an NG SDH NE
Yes, the two boards can be interconnected through STM-64 optical ports.

Method used to clear the NE database of the system control board in OTN equipment
Set the jumper on the system control board to 1011.

OSN 8800 not supporting SDH ASON
SDH ASON is called OCS ASON in OSN 8800.

Method used to convert a non-gateway NE to a gateway NE
1. Choose Administration > DCN Management from the U2000 main menu. 2. In the Filter dialog box, select the common NE to be modified. The selected common NEs are displayed on the NE tab. 3. Select a common NE from the list, right-click NE Name, and choose Change to GNE from the shortcut menu. 4. In the displayed Change to GNE dialog box, set GNE Type and IP Address or NSAP Address.

Method used to configure the OSPF protocol for ASON NEs?
In general, it is not allowed to disable the OSPF protocol for an ASON network. In some scenarios, however, disabling the OSPF protocol for ASON NEs can release resources and therefore enable resources to be properly utilized.

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