DIP switch of the LVC board


The DIP switch is located at the S1 jumper of the LVC board.

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Relationships between the DIP switches on the AUX board and subrack IDs
The jumpers and DIP switches on an AUX board are used to configure subrack IDs. The subrack ID configuration rules vary depending on the AUX boards of different versions.

Functions of the jumpers and DIP switches on an AUX board
They are used to set subrack IDs.

Method used to set jumpers and DIP switches on the SCC board
The battery jumpers on the SCC board maintain the configurations of the board in case of a power failure. If the SCC board is in use, cap the battery jumpers to make a short circuit, which enables the battery to supply power normally. The BIOS jumpers and DIP switches help clear the board parameter area and database on the SCC board.

DIP switches and fiber jumpers on the AUX board
For details on the DIP switches and fiber jumpers, see descriptions of AUX DIP switches and fiber jumpers in product manuals.

Cause why no jumper or DIP switch can be found on the AUX board of the OSN 8800
No jumper or DIP switch is available on the TN51AUX board on the OSN 8800. If master and slave subracks need to be configured, you can configure subrack IDs using EFI1 boards.

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