Indication of LOS indicator blinking at an interval of 3 seconds on Metro 100


If the LOS indicator blinks at an interval of 3 seconds, an MS_RDI alarm is detected on the LOS port. When this occurs, you need to check whether the LOS, LOF, and B2 alarms are generated on the peer port.

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Whether it is normal that the fan status indicator of the USG6660 blinks green every two seconds
If the FAN STATUS indicator is blinking green every two seconds (0.5 Hz), the new fan module works properly.

Why the Fan Module Indicator is blinking red ?
An alarm has been generated and needs to be handled. Possible causes of the alarm include errors of dual in-line package (DIP) switches, short-circuit, fan blades blocked, and fault of the fan module.

Indication of the red alarm indicator on the Metro 1000
If the alarm indicator on the Metro 1000 is steady red, a critical alarm is generated. You need to check it on the NMS.

Server red indicator on
If a server indicator is red, an alarm occurred. For details about the meanings of indicators of a specific server model, type the question in the format of "Product model + Indicator name + Status", for example, "RH2288 V3 HLY Blinking red."

What do the LOS and RFA indicators on the U1900 indicate if they are on?
If the indicators are on, signals are lost and you must check the trunk state. If only the LOS indicator is on, check physical connections on the local and peer devices in self-loop mode. If only the RFA indicator is on, check whether the CRC settings on the local device and the peer device are the same. If yes, check the physical connections. If both the LOS and RFA indicators are on, check whether the physical connections are proper.

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