Power consumption of Metro 100


The maximum power consumption of the Metro 100 is 17 W.

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Operating temperature of Metro 100
The operating temperature of the Metro 100 must be within the range of 0°C to +45°C.

Indication of LOS indicator blinking at an interval of 3 seconds on Metro 100
If the LOS indicator blinks at an interval of 3 seconds, an MS_RDI alarm is detected on the LOS port. When this occurs, you need to check whether the LOS, LOF, and B2 alarms are generated on the peer port.

Command for enabling Web LCT access on Metro 100

Relationship between the power consumption and heat consumption of devices
For transport devices, the heat consumption and power consumption are similar and can be considered the same. Heat consumption is expressed in BTU/h, while power consumption is expressed in W. The conversion between the two units is as follows: 1 BTU/h = 0.2931 W.

Power consumption of OceanStor 9000
For details about the power consumption of OceanStor 9000, see section "Device Specifications Confirmation" in the following product documentation. You can quickly locate the section by searching for the section name. -V100R001C30: Power consumption specification -V300R005C00: Power consumption specification -V300R006C00: Power consumption specification -V300R006C10: Power consumption specification To calculate power consumption, access Storage Product Power Consumption Calculator.

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