METRO 1000 SLOT capacity


Slot 1,slot 2,slot 3 provide 1.25G capcity respective ,slot 4 provide 622M

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Slot capacity of metro3000
If S16 card put in slot4 ,slot1-slot3 don't accept any card If SD4 card put in slot9 ,slot10 don't accept any card If S16 card put in slot9 ,slot10 and slot11 don't accept any card

Whether fans for Metro 1000 V2 and Metro 1000 V3 are mutually universal
Yes, fans for Metro 1000 V2 and Metro 1000 V3 are mutually universal.

Clock output interface of Metro 1000
V3 equipment: The clock interface is SYNC 1/2, which is a two-channel 120-ohm external clock input/output interface. V2 equipment: The clock interfaces are the IN I/OUT I and IN II/OUT II interfaces on the SCB board. The interface rate can be set to 2 Mbit/s or 2 MHz.

Default NE users of Metro 1000 V3
Question: What are the default NE users on the system control board for Metro 1000 V3? Answer: Metro 1000 V3 has eight default NE users, which are root, lct, snmpuser, sonnet, necems1, necems2, hn-metro, and LCD. Suggestion and conclusion: These default users cannot be deleted.

Command for setting alarm output of Metro 1000
The command for setting alarm output is as follows: :cfg-set-swoutmode:Bid, SwitchId, Switchmode, Example: cfg-set-swoutused:14,1,enable\\Indicates that alarm output is enabled.

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