Whether the SNCP and ASON conflict


Whether the SNCP and ASON conflict:
VC4 SNCP services can be directly upgraded to diamond services and do not need to be deleted.

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How to check whether an ARP Conflict Occurs ?
Run the display logbuffer command to display the system log and check whether the ARP conflict occurs, resulting in slow network access.

Whether LP_UNEQ is a condition for SNCP switching
Question: According to ITU-T suggestions, the standard LP_UNEQ alarm is inserted if no lower-order service is configured. However, some OSN devices cannot detect the LP_UNEQ alarm for triggering SNCP switching. Why? Analysis: Board hardware restrictions. Some boards can be upgraded to resolve the problem, whereas some cannot. Answer: No version of SSN1GXCSA, SSN1EXCSA, or SSQ1CXL supports LP_UNEQ detection.

Cause why a TOM board on an ASON trail that is equipped with tributary SNCP protection does not support tributary SNCP protection
To create tributary SNCP protection, you need to first set the service mode and port working mode for tributary boards. Please check whether the service mode and port working mode have been configured for the TOM board.

Precautions for selecting the SNCP type during ODUk SNCP configuration
When configuring ODUk SNCP protection, you are advised to set the SNCP type to SNC/N to enable non-intrusive monitoring on both the source and sink ends of the protection group. This setting facilitates network monitoring. In cascading or nested protection scenarios, however, you are advised to set the SNCP type to SNC/S.

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