How to unlock a user on an AR router


Run the local-user user-name state active command on an AR router to unlock a user.
Example: Unlock a user with user name Huawei.
[Huawei] aaa
[Huawei-aaa] local-user Huawei state active

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How to solve the AR routers Web password is locked.
By default, the locked for 5 minutes after the automatic unlock after can log in to the system again. You can also use the CLI mode to log in to the device, in the aaa view, use the command local-user < user-name > state active to unlock the account.

Locking out SSL VPN users on the USG6000
user-manager user user-name state block //Lock out users. state active //Cancel locking out users.

Method used to unlock a user in Elk
Unlocking users using FusionInsight Manager does not affect users' use of the Elk component, because the definition of user unlocking on Elk is different from that on FusionInsight Manager. Therefore, the function of unlocking users is not mediated between FusionInsight Manager and Elk. For the function-related operations, the administrator needs to log in to the Elk backend and run a command. Unlock command: ALTER USER username ACCOUNT UNLOCKFor example, log in to the database as the administrator and run the following command to unlock user1: postgres=# ALTER USER user1 ACCOUNT UNLOCK

How to lock or unlock User in FusionStorage
On FusionStorage, choose System > Users and Security > User Management. The User Management page is displayed. Locate the row that contains the user to be locked, select the required action in the Operation column. Lock: This action prohibits the user from logging in to the FusionStorage system. User admin cannot be locked. Unlock: This action allows the user to log in to the FusionStorage system. Click OK. The user account is locked or unlocked.

How do I unlock locked SC users?
To unlock locked SC users, run the account command and then the unlock command in the user view.

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