Bandwidth of VC-3


Bandwidth of VC-3:
9 columns x 85 rows x 8000 frame/s x 8 bits = 48960000 bit/s (namely, 48.96 Mbit/s).

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Relationship of SDH VC-4, VC-3, and VC-12
Relationship of SDH VC-4, VC-3, and VC-12: One VC-4 contains three VC-3s and 63 VC-12s.

Payload capacity of VC-4
Payload capacity of VC-4: The payload capacity of VC-4 is 140 Mbit/s.

Bandwidth supported by a single node of OceanStor 9000
Bandwidth provided by a node or a system is related to service scenarios, service models, node types, disk types, and networking types, and is subject to a list of performance specifications. Permission is required to obtain the list. If you need the list, contact pre-sales support engineers.

VC solution quick configuration
For operations related to VC solution quick configuration, see the VC V500R002C00 Quick Configuration Guide Video.

How do I obtain the Visual Schedule Desktop (VSD) installation software?
You can obtain the Visual Schedule Desktop (VSD) installation software as follows: Visit the SMC2.0 software download page at Select the version. The VSD installation file is VsdInstall.exe, which can be installed on a Windows PC.

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