Meaning of VC4-4C


Meaning of VC4-4C:
VC4-4C indicates neighboring cascaded services. Four VC-4 services are transmitted as a whole.

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Which card support all of VC4 and VC12 of OSN product.

How much 10G converted by 768 *VC4 ?
10G=64*VC4,So 768/64=12*10G�?Enterprise Network

Meaning of EFM
EFM is short for Ethernet in the First Mile. It is also called as Ethernet port OAM or Ethernet link OAM. EFM focuses on point-to-point (E2E) Ethernet links. In addition, it is also called IEEE 802.3ah OAM or ETH-OAM (IEEE 802.3ah) based on the standards compliance.

Meaning of CFM
CFM is short for connectivity fault management. It is also called as Ethernet service OAM, and focuses on E2E Ethernet services.

Meaning of an ODU_AIS alarm
An ODU_AIS alarm indicates ODU-layer alarm indication signals. When this alarm is generated, the entire ODU channel is unavailable.

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