What can I do if the web login password of an AR is locked


By default, you can re-log in to the web system 5 minutes later after the account is unlocked automatically.
You can also log in to an AR through the CLI and run the local-user < user-name > state active command to unlock the account.

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What should I do if I forget the web system login password
If you forget or want to change the web system login password, log in to the device through the console port, Telnet, or STelnet and set a new password after login. NOTE: Telnet has security vulnerabilities. You are advised to log in to the device using STelnet V2. # Set the password to Huawei@123 for the user admin123. The configuration is as follows: system-view [Huawei] aaa [Huawei-aaa] local-user admin123 password irreversible-cipher Huawei@123 [Huawei-aaa] local-user admin123 service-type http [Huawei-aaa] local-user admin123 privilege level 15 [Huawei-aaa] return save

How to solve the AR routers Web password is locked.
By default, the locked for 5 minutes after the automatic unlock after can log in to the system again. You can also use the CLI mode to log in to the device, in the aaa view, use the command local-user < user-name > state active to unlock the account.

Is there a default password for an AR
ARs' support for the default web login password is as follows: - The AR1200, AR2200, and AR3200 running V200R003 to V200R005C20 have no default password. - The AR1200-S, AR2200-S, and AR3200-S running V200R003 to V200R005C10 have no default password. - The AR3200-S running V200R005C20 has no default password. - Other ARs have a default password.

How long can I re-log in to the web system of an AR after the password is locked
The default password unlocking time is 5 minutes.

What can I do if the web login password of the TE10/TE20 is forgotten?
To resolve this issue: If you forget your password, use the pin to press the RST hole for 10s when your endpoint is running to reset it to factory settings.

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