Running enviroment required of METRO1000


Long time runing temperature: 0℃~45�?
Short time runing temperature: 5℃~55�?
Long time runing humidity�?0%�?0%;
Short time runing humidity�?%�?5%;
altitude: less than 4000m

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Capacity of Metro1000
16×STM-1(o)�?×STM-1(e)�?×STM-4(o)�?×STM-16(o�?Enterprise Network

LED meaning of METRO1000
run- green led flash one time per 2 second : equipment normal status flash one time per 4 second : database under protected ;communication down between card and contoller flash five time per 1 second :card under install status; program loading /start flash two time per 1 second : delete controller software

What's the electromagnetic compatibility requirements for the proper running of the server
Electromagnetic Phenomenon Specifications Low frequency magnetic field Frequency (Hz) 50-20,000 Ampl. A/m (rms) 0.025-10 Amplitude modulation RF electric field Frequency (MHz) 0.009-18,000 Ampl. V/m (rms) < 3 Pulse modulation RF electric field Frequency (GHz) 1-18 Ampl. (V/m (peak)) < 3

What's ESD Protection Requirements for the proper running of the server
Static electricity may damage the chips on integrated circuit boards and cause faults in software and electronic switches. Statistics show that 60 percent of damaged circuit boards are caused by static electricity. Therefore, it is essential to take effective ESD protection measures. The absolute value of electrostatic voltage must be less than 1000 V.

What's Wiring Requirements for the Proper Running of the server
Ground cables must not be bound or entwined with signal cables. If they are parallel, the distance between them cannot be shorter than 3 centimeters. The incoming and outgoing signal cables, power cables, and optical cables to and from an office must not twine around the signal cables and power cables in the TR. If they are parallel, the distance between them cannot be shorter than 5 centimeters. Ground cables must not be led in from above. They must be underground or arranged indoors. PGND cables should be routed straight and as short as possible, and must not spiral. A PGND cable should not be longer than 30 meters, and should be as short as possible. The protection ground bar should be installed at a place less than 30 meters away from the server.

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