LED meaning of METRO1000


run- green led
flash one time per 2 second : equipment normal status
flash one time per 4 second : database under protected ;communication down between card and contoller
flash five time per 1 second :card under install status; program loading /start
flash two time per 1 second : delete controller software

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Capacity of Metro1000
16×STM-1(o)�?×STM-1(e)�?×STM-4(o)�?×STM-16(o�?Enterprise Network

How about slot support by METRO1000
slot IU1、IU2、IU3:OI2S,OI4,SB2L,SB2D,SL4,SDE,SP1S,SP1D,SM1S,SM1D,PE3S,PE3D,PE3T,PT3S,PT3D,PT3T,ET1D,EFS,EFS4,EGS,EFT,ELT2,EGT,SHLQ,N64,N64Q,FP2D slot IU1、IU2、IU3,IU5:OI2D,OI4D slot IU1、IU2、IU3,IU6单板:SP2D slot IU3:EMU slot IU4:SL1O,SL1Q,PD2S,PD2D,PD2T,PM2S,PM2D,PM2T,ET1,ET1O,EF1,EFSC,AIUD,AIUQ,TDA,CXP slot IU5:OIl16D�? Enterprise Network,Enterprise Transmission,MSTP,Whether is compatible used between A1SL64 and A4SL64 METRO5000,1、A4SL64 no support Ue-64.2 specification

Which ETH card support by METRO1000
1000 support METRO Ethernet veneer: ET1 8-way Ethernet interface board business 10/100 (m) ET1O 8-way Ethernet business electric interface board (m) 10/100 Ethernet ET1D 2 road business electric interface board (m) 10/100 EF1 no.6 Ethernet interface board business 10/100 (m) ELT2 road 2 MB Ethernet optical interface board (10/100 m) AIUD port 2 ATM interface board 4 port AIUQ ATM interface board SHLQ single wire of high bit rate digital subscriber line interface board (10/100 m) EFS 4-way Ethernet business exchange board m (10/100) EFT 4-way Ethernet interface board business 10/100 (m)

Running enviroment required of METRO1000
Long time runing temperature: 0℃~45�? Short time runing temperature: 5℃~55�? Long time runing humidity�?0%�?0%; Short time runing humidity�?%�?5%; altitude: less than 4000m

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