Which work mode support by OSN3500 EGS4 card


GE eletrical port :support auto negotiation�?1000M full duplex,100M full duplex,10M fullduplex
GE optical port: suppport auto negotiation,1000M full duplex

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OSN3500 EFS4 card work mode
Auto negotiation,100M full-duplex,100M half-duplex,10M full-duplex,10M half-duplex

How many node converged by OSN3500 EGS4 card
Support 64 VCTRUNK and support converged 64 nodes

What work mode been support by EFS0 of OSN3500
1、FE electric port:auto-negotiation�?00Mfull-duplex�?00Mhalf-duplex�?0Mfull-duplex�?0Mhalf-duplex 2、FE fiber port�?00Mfull-duplex�? Enterprise Network,Enterprise Transmission,MSTP,Which reset mode by EFS0 of OSN3500,1、N1EFS0/N2EFS0 support soft reset,traffic down

Which reset type support by OSN3500 EMS4 card
Cold reset and softreset

If OSN3500 EFS4 card work with interface card cooperation.
OSN3500 EFS4 card work without interface card cooperation.access to the 4 FE Ethernet signals by front panel

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