Which reset type support by OSN3500 EMS4 card


Cold reset and softreset

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Service type support by OSN3500 product efs0 card.

Which kind of reset support by OSN3500 EFS0 card.
1. N1EFS0/N2EFS0 support warm reset, business interruption by soft reset. 2. N4EFS0/N5EFS0 support warm reset, don't business interruption by warm reset.

Which work mode support by OSN3500 EGS4 card
GE eletrical port :support auto negotiation�?1000M full duplex,100M full duplex,10M fullduplex GE optical port: suppport auto negotiation,1000M full duplex

Protection type supported by OSN3500 EMS4
1. TPS : not support 2. BPS: support 3. PPS: support. When interface card is GE eletrical ,not support 4. DLAG: support 5. LAG :support ,mannual link aggregation and static link aggregation 6. LCAS : support , achieve bandwidth increase and decrease dynamic, satisify 802.3ad standard

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