How to modify the web interface number of an AR router


1. Use command lines.
Run the http server port command on an AR router to modify the interface number of the HTTP service.
[Huawei] http server port 1278
Alternatively, run the http secure-server port command to modify the interface number of the HTTPS service.
[Huawei] http secure-server port 1279

2. Modify the interface number on a web page by choosing Maintenance > Upgrade&Maintenance > Local Service Settings
For details, choose Configuration >Web-based Configuration > EasyOperation Edition > Maintenance > Upgrade&Maintenance > Local Service Settings through the URL: Product Documentation.

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How to configure a user level on an AR router
Methods of configuring user levels vary with specific scenarios (command lines):
- Configure a user level for a user.
[Huawei] aaa
[Huawei-aaa] local-user user1 privilege level 15  //Set the user level of user 1 to 15.  
-  Configure a user level for all users under a domain.
[Huawei] aaa
[Huawei-aaa] service-scheme sch1
[Huawei-aaa-service-sch1] admin-user privilege level 15  //Set the user level of all users under a domain to 15.  
-  Configure a user level for all users who log in through a page (take the VTY view as an example).
[Huawei] user-interface maximum-vty 15
[Huawei] user-interface vty 0 14
[Huawei-ui-vty0-14] user privilege level 15  //Set the user level in the VTY 0 to VTY 14 views to 15.
The preceding command is used to modify a user level as well. This command overwrites preceding operation results. Therefore, if this command is run multiple times, the last-time operation prevails.
If the user level configured on a page conflicts with the corresponding operation permission of a user, the operation permission prevails.

Configure a user level in web mode.
1.  Choose User Management > User Management.
2.  Click an icon of a desired local user from the user list.
3.  Enter corresponding content.
  a.  The super administrator enters Access level in order to modify the access level of other users.
  b.  To change Access level from the common user to the administrator (common administrator, enterprise administrator, or super administrator), enter New password and confirm Confirm password.

Method of adding interfaces to a VLAN through the web NMS on an AR router
The web NMS of the AR series routers does not support VLAN creation or adding of interfaces to a created VLAN. You can create a VLANIF interface, and add the interface to the VLAN. Method of adding interfaces to a VLAN through the web NMS on an AR router, select parameters or enter values according to requirements to configure a VLAN interface. On the NMS page, only interfaces of the access and trunk types can be configured. Hybrid type interfaces cannot be configured. Use the following command lines to add an interface to a VLAN: - Access interface # interface Ethernet2/0/0 port link-type access port default vlan 100 # - Trunk interface # interface Ethernet2/0/0 port link-type trunk port trunk allow-pass vlan 100 to 200 # - Hybrid interface # interface Ethernet2/0/0 port hybrid tagged vlan 100 to 200 (or port hybrid untagged vlan 100 to 200) #

How to modify the E1 interface of an AR router to unframed mode

MP indicates the Multi-Link Point-to-Point Protocol (MLPPP), in which multiple PPP links are bound together. MP binding is often performed in scenarios where a 2 Mbit/s E1 dedicated line cannot meet the service requirements.
MP interfaces transmit data by packets. AR routers only support the binding of interfaces of the same card.

[Huawei] interface mp-group 0/0/1 //Create an MP-Group interface and enter the view of the interface.
[Huawei-Mp-group0/0/1] undo discriminator //(Optional) Disable the terminal endpoint identifier negotiation function which is enabled by default. You can disable the function when the interface cannot interconnect with the devices of other manufacturers.
[Huawei-Mp-group0/0/1] ip address 24 //You can run the ip address ppp-negotiate command to allow the peer end to allocate the IP address generated through PPP negotiation to the interface.
[Huawei-Mp-group0/0/1] interface serial 2/0/0 //Enter the view of the specified physical interfaces (PPP type)
[Huawei-Serial2/0/0] ppp mp mp-group 0/0/1 //Add the physical interface. You can repeat this step to add multiple interfaces.
[Huawei-Serial2/0/0] restart //Restart the related physical interfaces.

How to select a WAN interface through the web NMS on an AR router
Check whether the Layer 3 Ethernet interface is switched over to a Layer 2 Ethernet interface. The procedure of converting the Layer 2 mode of a physical interface to the Layer 3 mode is as follows: 1. Choose LAN access > LAN > Physical interface to enter the physical interface configuration page. 2. In the operation column of the physical interface list, click the icon at the right side of details corresponding to a desired physical interface to switch over the physical interface between Layer 2 mode and Layer 3 mode. 3. In the prompt dialog box, click Yes to confirm the switchover.

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