What is the difference between OSN product N1PQ1 / N2PQ1


N1PQ1: N1PQ1 with qualification can access and handling 63 E1 signals, N1PQ1 does not support the function of CRC, mixed N1PQ1 support protection, when work plate for N1PQ1, protect the slot can plug N1PQ1, N2PQ1 or N1PQM N1PQ1 veneer at room temperature (25 ° C) under the condition of maximum power consumption for 19 w
2. N2PQ1: N2PQ1 cooperate for plate can access and 63 E1 signals processing.Support E13 function, main achieve low level E1 to high-level business convergence of E3.N2PQ1 support functions of CRC.N2PQ1 does not support mixed protection, when work plate for N2PQ1, protect the slot can only be inserted N2PQ1 veneer

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