How much power dissipation for METRO1000


OI4 9
OI4D 11
OI2S 10
OI2D 10
SL1O 14
SL1Q 9
SB2D 11
SB2L 7
SB2R 7
SDE 10
SP1S 3.95
SP1D 5
SP2D 5
PD2S 11
PD2D 14.5
PD2T 18.5
SM1S 4
SM1D 4.5
PM2S 9
PM2D 10
PM2T 11
PE3S 7
PE3D 7
PE3T 7
PT3S 7
PT3D 7
PT3T 7
ET1 26.1
ET1O 26.1
ET1D 16
EF1 25
ELT2 9
EGT 11
EFS 23
EFS4 10
EGS 25
N64 4
N64Q 5
FP2D 8.4
TDA 12
SS49SCB 21
SS46SCB 25
EMU 2.3
FAN 8.3
CXP 55

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How much is the power consumption of a CE-L36LQ-EG card
The typical power consumption of a CE-L36LQ-EG card is 605 W, and its maximum power consumption is 986 W. You can obtain hardware specifications of the CE series switches using the Hardware Query Tool

How much capacity support by 43SCB card of metro1000
Support 16*16vc4 or 1008*1008 vc12 cross-connection

Capacity of Metro1000
16×STM-1(o)�?×STM-1(e)�?×STM-4(o)�?×STM-16(o�?Enterprise Network

How much power dissipation for METRO3000 subrack
EXCS 51W XCS 33W XCL 20W XCE 20W SCC 13W SCE 12W PD1 15W PQ1 23W PM1 18W IDL4 36.6W PQM 22W PL3 7.5W SDE 14W SQE 25W TDA 20W DX1 40W EGT 23W BA2 40W BPA 40W AOO1 12W AOQ1 6W DN12 15W SL1 10W SD1 12W SQ1 18W SL4 14W SD4 21W EFT 30W S16 37W AL1 25W IDQ1 36.6W ET1 25W COA 5W FAN 20W LPDR 10W EIPC 5W/30W SPQ4 23W DM12 15W EMF4 8W EMT8 6W EMF8 14W EMS1 34W EFS0 32W EGT2 25W

5300 V3 power consumption
For details about OceanStor 5300 V3 power consumption, see Hardware Specifications.

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