Which card support all of VC4 and VC12 of OSN product.



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What requirement is DCU card of OSN product
N1DCU�?020�?0km),1360�?0km�?N2DCU�?80�?0km),1020�?0km),1360�?0km�? Enterprise Network,Enterprise Transmission,MSTP,How much size for subrack of OSN7500 product,496.4mm(wide)�?95mm(deepth)�?56.7mm(length�?Enterprise Network,Enterprise Transmission,MSTP,How much capacity OSN3500,N1GXCSA�?1-5�?4-16 bandwith�?22M

Meaning of VC4-4C
Meaning of VC4-4C: VC4-4C indicates neighboring cascaded services. Four VC-4 services are transmitted as a whole.

Products included in the IT Product Graph Library
Products in the IT Product Graph Library include: Products in the IT Product Graph Library include storage, servers, cabinets, and Fibre Channel switches. Storage products include: T series, Dorado, 18000 series, 9000, and 5300 V3/5500 V3/5600 V3/5800 V3/6800 V3/6900 V3. Server products include: RH series, E9000, E6000, and X8000. In addition, common cabinets and SNS Fibre Channel switches are also included. With the launch of new products, the products in the IT Product Graph Library also change accordingly. The latest contents displayed on the page prevail.

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