Whether support traffic control by EFS0 of OSN3500


1.Auto-Negotiation:support port traffic control (FE port not supportable)
2、Not Auto-Negotiation:support port traffic control (cooperate EFF8 card ,not support

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Service type support by OSN3500 product efs0 card.

Which kind of reset support by OSN3500 EFS0 card.
1. N1EFS0/N2EFS0 support warm reset, business interruption by soft reset. 2. N4EFS0/N5EFS0 support warm reset, don't business interruption by warm reset.

If EGS2 and EGT2 of OSN3500 support 2 links of G3 traffic
Yes ,suuport 2 links GE taffic

What work mode been support by EFS0 of OSN3500
1、FE electric port:auto-negotiation�?00Mfull-duplex�?00Mhalf-duplex�?0Mfull-duplex�?0Mhalf-duplex 2、FE fiber port�?00Mfull-duplex�? Enterprise Network,Enterprise Transmission,MSTP,Which reset mode by EFS0 of OSN3500,1、N1EFS0/N2EFS0 support soft reset,traffic down

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