Which protocol of 100M ethernet port on OSN1500 aux card


10M/100M auto adaptable interface

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Does the 8FE-1GE support Layer 2 and Layer 3 switchover
The 8FE-1GE is a Layer 2 Ethernet interface which does not support switchover to a Layer 3 interface. A Layer 3 interface supports routing and forwarding on the local card, which is irrelevant to the interface attributes. A VLANIF route will be delivered to a card so that Layer 3 forwarding requests may not be reported to the SRU and Layer 3 forwarding can be implemented on the local card.

Function and feature of OSN1500 AUX
1. manage interface : provide OAN/F&f interface ,support x.25 protocol. Provide 10M/100M NMS interface . 2 clock interface : provide 2 BITS input interfaces and 2 output interfaces ,resistance 120 3. alarm switch interface : provide 3 alarm input and 1 alamr output interface 4. internal communication: implemetation communication between boards 5. power backup and check : observer 2 seperate -48V power ,also monitor over-voltage (-72v) and low -voltage (-38.4)

Tributary card and relevant interface card of OSN1500
PL1: insert in osn1500A or osn1500B subrack. When cross connection capacity is 15Gbit/s ,you can put slot 6-8 When cross connection capacity is 20Gbit/s or 60Gbit/s ,you can put slot 6-9 PD1:Under osn 1500A, connect with interface card L75S or L12S ; Under osn1500B ,cross connection capacity is 15Gbit/s ,PD1 work under slot11-slot13,slot6-slot8; cross connection capacity is 20Gbit/s or 60G ,PD1 work under slot1-slot3,slot11-slot13,slot6-slot8;

Which card name of OSN1500 slot10
AUX card put in slot 10

Unable to use OSPF on Ethernet ports of EFI boards
The network ports of the EFI boards are used for communication between NEs and the NMS server. The communication is point-to-point. Therefore, it is unnecessary to use OSPF.

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