WhetHer controller card is compatible of OSN1500 and OSN2500


OptiX OSN 2500,OptiX OSN 1500B和OptiX OSN 1500A support:Q2CXL1,Q3CXL1,Q2CXL4,Q3CXL4,Q2CXL16,Q3CXL16,Q5CXLLN,Q5CXLQ41

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Tributary card and relevant interface card of OSN1500
PL1: insert in osn1500A or osn1500B subrack. When cross connection capacity is 15Gbit/s ,you can put slot 6-8 When cross connection capacity is 20Gbit/s or 60Gbit/s ,you can put slot 6-9 PD1:Under osn 1500A, connect with interface card L75S or L12S ; Under osn1500B ,cross connection capacity is 15Gbit/s ,PD1 work under slot11-slot13,slot6-slot8; cross connection capacity is 20Gbit/s or 60G ,PD1 work under slot1-slot3,slot11-slot13,slot6-slot8;

Whether support STM-64 SFP by OSN1500B and OSN2500
OSN1500B and OSN2500 didn't support STM-64 SFP

Which card name of OSN1500 slot10
AUX card put in slot 10

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