Whether support two GE level traffic by EGT2 and EGS2 card


Support 2*GE traffic

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Do SA series cards support GE interfaces
Among SA series cards, ports on the LE0MG24SA, LE0MG24CA, ES0D0G24SA00, and ES0D0G24CA00 can work at 1000 Mbit/s, and ports on other SA cards only transmit and receive services at 10 Gbit/s and cannot work at 1000 Mbit/s. You can use Hardware Query Tool to query the port rate of specified cards.

If EGS2 and EGT2 of OSN3500 support 2 links of G3 traffic
Yes ,suuport 2 links GE taffic

Whether 10GE NICs support a GE rate
The 10GE NIC can support a GE rate but to do so, you need to replace the 10GE optical modules with GE optical modules.

Whether the CX910 supports GE or 10GE ports
The CX910 supports 10GE optical ports. The ports adapt to GE ports. Ports supported by the 10GE switching plane: 32 x 10GE downlink ports (each half-width slot: 2 x 10GE) and 16 x 10GE uplink optical ports

Whether the CX913 supports GE or 10GE ports
The CX913 panel provides 16 x 10GE optical ports. The ports adapt to GE ports.

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