Whether support to put tribute card on extend slot of Metro500


Support sp2d card that used 16*E1 service access

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Which 3G cards are supported by the AR
The hardware that supports 3G includes the 3G data card, 3G card, and 3G model. The AR equipped with a 3G data card or 3G card provides 3G interfaces. The 3G model is equipped with 3G interfaces. All the ARs with the SIC slot support 3G cards. The AR supports the following WCDMA-capable 3G card: 3G-HSPA+7 card. The AR supports the following CDMA2000-capable 3G card: 3G-EVDO card.

Whether front cards and rear stack cards can be used together on S series fixed switches
S5700-EI, S5710-LI, and S5700-C-SI series fixed switches have front and rear card slots. Font card slots can have 2-port or 4-port service interface cards installed. Rear card slots can have stack cards or extended channel cards installed. The rules are as follows: -- A 4-port ES5D000G4S01 or ES5D00G4SA01 GE front card and a 4-port ES5D000X4S01 10GE front card must be used with an ES5D00ETPB00 rear extended channel card; otherwise, only two ports on the 4-port front card can work. -- If an ES5D000G4S01 or ES5D00G4SA01 front card is used with an ES5D00ETPC00 rear stack card on an S5700-EI, S5700-SI, or S5710-C-LI switch, only the first two ports on the front card can work when the switch is working normally. If the ES5D000X4S01 front card is used, only ports 1 and 3 are available. --The ES5D00ETPB00 card used with the ES5D000X4S01 front card must have a PCB of version C. -- The S5700-EI switch that uses the ES5D000X4S01 front card must have a PCB of version B or later (version C on S5700-52C-EI). You can run the display version command to check the PCB version of a switch. For details about cards, see the Hardware Description. For the hardware description of S5700 switches, see S5700 Hardware Description. For the hardware description of S6700 switches, see S6700 Hardware Description.

Cards supported by S series fixed switches
The following S series fixed switches support cards: S3700-HI, S5710-C-LI, S5700-SI (except the S5700-26X-SI-12S-AC), S5700-EI, S5710-EI, S5720-C-EI, S5720-PC-EI, S5700-HI, S5710-HI, S5720-HI, and S6720-EI series switches. Cards must be installed on corresponding switches based on the mapping between them. If a card is installed on an incompatible switch, the card cannot register. You can use Hardware Query Tool to query the card models supported by specified switches.

Which slot support D64 card by OSN9500
When use EXCH,slot1 to slot32 support D64D card

Which slot support D75E card of OSN7500II
Put D75E on slot 26~slot 33、slot 34~slot 41,connected with EG8 card will provide 32*e1 service

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