What is work wavelength SF16 card by OSN.


SF16 card by OSN work wavelength is 1550.12.

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How to check the work mode of a card on an AR router
Run the display workmode command in any view to check the work mode of cards installed in all slots or specified slots.

If OSN3500 EFS4 card work with interface card cooperation.
OSN3500 EFS4 card work without interface card cooperation.access to the 4 FE Ethernet signals by front panel

What requirement is DCU card of OSN product
N1DCU�?020�?0km),1360�?0km�?N2DCU�?80�?0km),1020�?0km),1360�?0km�? Enterprise Network,Enterprise Transmission,MSTP,How much size for subrack of OSN7500 product,496.4mm(wide)�?95mm(deepth)�?56.7mm(length�?Enterprise Network,Enterprise Transmission,MSTP,How much capacity OSN3500,N1GXCSA�?1-5�?4-16 bandwith�?22M

Methods for setting the working wavelength of an LWC board
The :ptp:Hexbid,b3,PP,YY;Hexbid represents the hexadecimal slot number. PP indicates the channel ID, which is 1 except the LWMR number, which ranges from 1 to 2. YY indicates the 320G wavelength number that ranges from 0x15 to 0x64.

Maximum wavelength offset of an 80-wavelength OSN 6800 system
Based on the nominal operating wavelength, the wavelength offset of an 80-wavelength OSN 6800 system must be within ±0.08 nm.

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