If PQ1 card by OSN support retime function.


N1PQ1 card support retime function, N2PQ1 card nonspport retime function.

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Portal authentication associated with RADIUS fails on the AR
When Portal authentication is configured on the AR, you need to check whether the interface card supports NAC if an interface on the interface card is connected to authentication users. Otherwise, Portal authentication fails. Currently, the 4GE-2S, 4ES2G-S, 4ES2GP-S, and 9ES2 cards do not support the NAC function.

QOS function specification support by OSN3500 card.
1.support CAR,bandwidth granularity 64kbit/s. 2.N1EFS0 card support business classification by PORT,PORT+VLAN ID,PORT+VLAN PRI. 3.N2EFS0,N4EFS0 and N5EFS0 cards support business classification by PORT,PORT+VLAN ID,PORT+VLAN PRI.

If card for OSN support lightning protection function.
OSN support lightning protection function, but card for OSN nonsupport lightning protection function

Which card support all of VC4 and VC12 of OSN product.

Whether OSN 9800 supports L2 functions
V100R001C00 of OSN 9800 does not support L2 functions, whereas V100R001C00 does.

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