How many kind of multi-module SFP supported by N3EGS2


Use hot-remove SFP interface , multi-module fiber max transmit 550m ,single-module fiber max transmit 10km

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How many voice channels does the DSP module support
The DSP module supports 16, 32, 64, or 128 voice channels.

Differences between eSFP and SFP optical modules
SFP is a small form-factor pluggable module and eSFP is an enhanced small form-factor pluggable module. There is no difference between their major functions and services. They are interchangeable as long as they have the same optical power, sensitivity, and distance. The difference is that the eSFP optical module provides more extra functions than the SFP optical module. For example, the eSFP optical module supports optical power monitoring but the SFP optical module does not support optical power monitoring.

Optical modules supported by servers
Servers support single-mode or multi-mode optical modules based on PCIe card types. To determine whether a server is configured with single-mode or multi-mode optical modules, you can check the optical module specifications. 8Gb/s or 850nm indicates a multi-mode optical module. Multi-mode optical fibers must be used for connecting the server to storage devices. 850nm and 10Gb/s indicate a 10GE multi-mode optical module. Multi-mode optical fibers must be used. 1310nm and 10Gb/s indicate a 10GE single-mode optical module, and single-mode optical fibers must be used.

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