QOS function specification support by OSN3500 card.


1.support CAR,bandwidth granularity 64kbit/s.
2.N1EFS0 card support business classification by PORT,PORT+VLAN ID,PORT+VLAN PRI.
3.N2EFS0,N4EFS0 and N5EFS0 cards support business classification by PORT,PORT+VLAN ID,PORT+VLAN PRI.

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Service type support by OSN3500 product efs0 card.

Which kind of reset support by OSN3500 EFS0 card.
1. N1EFS0/N2EFS0 support warm reset, business interruption by soft reset. 2. N4EFS0/N5EFS0 support warm reset, don't business interruption by warm reset.

Which reset type support by OSN3500 EMS4 card
Cold reset and softreset

Which work mode support by OSN3500 EGS4 card
GE eletrical port :support auto negotiation�?1000M full duplex,100M full duplex,10M fullduplex GE optical port: suppport auto negotiation,1000M full duplex

Functions supported by the QoS technology
In a high bandwidth consuming network, quality of service (QoS) can properly allocate limited bandwidth resources by service type. In case of network congestion, QoS preferentially guarantees committed bandwidth for important services to ensure their availability. In a network that has sufficient bandwidth, the QoS technology is not required.

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