If A1SL64 and A4SL64 card is compatible of metro5000


SSA4SL64 and SSA1SL64 can replaced with eachother , when SSA1SL64 card connect to SSA1SL64
required SSA1SL64 version must be 141/220 or greater than this

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Is the file system on the CF card of an S series switch compatible with the file system of PCs
The CF card uses a file system in FAT16 format and is compatible with the FAT file system of PCs.

Air-switch requirement of metro3000 and metro5000
2500+ required: 20A and Metro5000 required :32A

WhetHer controller card is compatible of OSN1500 and OSN2500
OptiX OSN 2500,OptiX OSN 1500B和OptiX OSN 1500A support:Q2CXL1,Q3CXL1,Q2CXL4,Q3CXL4,Q2CXL16,Q3CXL16,Q5CXLLN,Q5CXLQ41

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