Provide card name that is able to query power for metro 3000


Only sl16 card support to query power ,other card doesn't support

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If slot14 allowed to install SL4 card when slot 16 installed PQ1 for metro 3000
Slot 14 and 16 share 4 buses ,if slot 14 install 4 vc4 bandwith card ,slot 16 bus is unavailible ; if slot 16 install PQ1 card , slot 14 do not accept 4*vc4 bandwith card

How much power dissipation for METRO3000 subrack
EXCS 51W XCS 33W XCL 20W XCE 20W SCC 13W SCE 12W PD1 15W PQ1 23W PM1 18W IDL4 36.6W PQM 22W PL3 7.5W SDE 14W SQE 25W TDA 20W DX1 40W EGT 23W BA2 40W BPA 40W AOO1 12W AOQ1 6W DN12 15W SL1 10W SD1 12W SQ1 18W SL4 14W SD4 21W EFT 30W S16 37W AL1 25W IDQ1 36.6W ET1 25W COA 5W FAN 20W LPDR 10W EIPC 5W/30W SPQ4 23W DM12 15W EMF4 8W EMT8 6W EMF8 14W EMS1 34W EFS0 32W EGT2 25W

METRO equipment 3000 cross capacity
SS61EXCS cross board is cross OptiX 2500 + system clock board, veneer can achieve 96 x96 VC - 4 levels of high-order cross, 12 or 288 x 6048 x 6048 VC - 288 VC - 3 level low cross or equivalent of VC x96vc 96-4-4, VC - 3, VC - 12 reasonable mixed configuration.From 12 line/branch clock reference source and two external clock reference source option as a source of phase lock, possess the function of the sync processing status word, at the same time for the system to provide the 155.52 MHz and 77.76 MHz, 38.88 MHz and 2.048 MHz clock signals and 2 m frame, 8 k frame signal.SS61EXCS veneer in addition to the low order cross capacity is 6048 or 288 x 288 x 6048 VC to 12 VC - 3, other function and SS62XCS, SS63XCS, SS64XCS veneer is fully compatible with (SS62XCS/SS63XCS/SS64XCS low-order intersection capacity of 2016 or 96 x 96 x 2016 VC to 12 VC - 3)

Differences between the SL1 boards of the Metro 2050 and Metro 3000
The SL1 boards for the Metro 2050 are SS1*SL1/SS3*SL1/SS5*SL1, and the SL1 boards for the Metro 3000 are SS6*SL1.

Whether 62PQ1A01 can substitute for 61PQ1A01
Yes, 62PQ1A01 can substitute for 61PQ1A01 on the Metro 3000.

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