Specification of metro3000 interface card and process card


Process card slot IU1-4 and IU9-12 match with interface card slot IU1-4 and IU9-12

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Specifications of cards on S series switches
For specifications of subcards and cards on S series switches, refer to Cards in the corresponding hardware description manual. For S5700 hardware description, click S5700 Hardware Description. For S6700 hardware description, click S6700 Hardware Description. For S9300&S9300E hardware description, click S9300&S9300E Hardware Description. For S7700 hardware description, click S7700 Hardware Description. For S9700 hardware description, click S9700 Hardware Description. For S12700 hardware description, click S12700 Hardware Description.

EFS card capacity of metro3000
EFS support max 622M upload bandwidth , support 8 FE ports at ethernet function

If OSN3500 EFS4 card work with interface card cooperation.
OSN3500 EFS4 card work without interface card cooperation.access to the 4 FE Ethernet signals by front panel

Tributary card and relevant interface card of OSN1500
PL1: insert in osn1500A or osn1500B subrack. When cross connection capacity is 15Gbit/s ,you can put slot 6-8 When cross connection capacity is 20Gbit/s or 60Gbit/s ,you can put slot 6-9 PD1:Under osn 1500A, connect with interface card L75S or L12S ; Under osn1500B ,cross connection capacity is 15Gbit/s ,PD1 work under slot11-slot13,slot6-slot8; cross connection capacity is 20Gbit/s or 60G ,PD1 work under slot1-slot3,slot11-slot13,slot6-slot8;

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