Does metro 1000 support 2.5G line card ?


2.5G card name of metro1000 is OI16D ,this line card intergrated in 49SCB

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Metro 1000 ethernet card function and fearture
1. ET1/ET1O/ET1D/EF1 card provide 10M/100M ethernet service ,support several different service type,implement ethernet over sdh function. ET1:8*10M/100M ethernet electrical interface card �?ET1D:2*10M/100M ethernet electrical interface card�?EF1:4*10M/100M以ethernet electrical interface card and 2*100Meth ernet optcial interface card�?2.EFS/EFSC/EGS :provide 10M/100M/1000M ethernet service, support EPL、EVPL(Ethernet Virtual Private Line)、EPLAN、EVPLAN(Ethernet Virtual Private LAN�?,implement ethernet over sdh function. EFT/ELT2/EGT card proivde 10M/100M/1000M ethernet service,support EPL service type. EFS/EFSC/EGS card use GFP(Generic Framing Procedure)protocol encapsulation. EFT/ELT2/EGT support GFP、LAPS(Link Access Procedure-SDH)、HDLC(High Level Data Link Control�?encapsulation .Mapping granule is vc12 or vc3. 3. EFS/EFSC/EGS/EFT/ELT2/EGT provide Inloop for fast locate faulty and troubleshooting and provide frame flow statistic, report and alarm funtion also support ALS

If ethernet card of metro1000 support transparent transmit vlan
EFT card support transparent transmit vlan and EFS need to disable incoming port vlan detect .

List scb card support by metro1000
SCB�?2SCB�?3SCB�?6SC and 49SCB

Which pdh card support by metro 1000 ,which slot support this pdh card and how many E1
SP1S 4*E1 Slot IU1、IU2、IU3 SP1D 8*E1 Slot IU1、IU2、IU3 SP2D 16*E1 Slot IU1、IU2、IU3�?PD2S 16*E1 Slot IU4 PD2D 32*E1Slot IU4 PD2T 48*E1 Slot IU4 SM1S 4*E1/T1 Slot IU1、IU2、IU3 SM1D 8*E1/T1 Slot IU1、IU2、IU3 PM2S 16*E1/T1 Slot IU4 PM2D 32*E1/T1Slot IU4 PM2T 48*E1/T1 Slot IU4 PE3S 1*E3 Slot IU1、IU2、IU3 PE3D 2*E3 Slot IU1、IU2、IU3 PE3T 3*E3 Slot IU1、IU2、IU3 PT3S 1*T3 Slot IU1、IU2、IU3 PT3D 2*T3 Slot IU1、IU2、IU3 PT3T 3*T3 Slot IU1、IU2、IU3

Command for setting alarm output of Metro 1000
The command for setting alarm output is as follows: :cfg-set-swoutmode:Bid, SwitchId, Switchmode, Example: cfg-set-swoutused:14,1,enable\\Indicates that alarm output is enabled.

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