Metro 1000 ethernet card function and fearture


1. ET1/ET1O/ET1D/EF1 card provide 10M/100M ethernet service ,support several different service
type,implement ethernet over sdh function.
ET1:8*10M/100M ethernet electrical interface card �?ET1D:2*10M/100M ethernet electrical interface card�?EF1:4*10M/100M以ethernet electrical interface card and 2*100Meth ernet optcial interface card�?2.EFS/EFSC/EGS :provide 10M/100M/1000M ethernet service, support EPL、EVPL(Ethernet Virtual Private Line)、EPLAN、EVPLAN(Ethernet Virtual Private LAN�?,implement ethernet over sdh function.
EFT/ELT2/EGT card proivde 10M/100M/1000M ethernet service,support EPL service type.
EFS/EFSC/EGS card use GFP(Generic Framing Procedure)protocol encapsulation.
EFT/ELT2/EGT support GFP、LAPS(Link Access Procedure-SDH)、HDLC(High Level Data Link Control�?encapsulation .Mapping granule is vc12 or vc3.
3. EFS/EFSC/EGS/EFT/ELT2/EGT provide Inloop for fast locate faulty and troubleshooting and provide frame flow statistic, report and alarm funtion also support ALS

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If ethernet card of metro1000 support transparent transmit vlan
EFT card support transparent transmit vlan and EFS need to disable incoming port vlan detect .

Function of the Ethernet port on the system control board of Metro 1000
The Ethernet port on the Metro 1000 is adaptive to RJ-45 connectors and is used for NMS access management. The port rate is 10 Mbit/s or 100 Mbit/s.

List scb card support by metro1000
SCB�?2SCB�?3SCB�?6SC and 49SCB

Does metro 1000 support 2.5G line card ?
2.5G card name of metro1000 is OI16D ,this line card intergrated in 49SCB

Command for setting alarm output of Metro 1000
The command for setting alarm output is as follows: :cfg-set-swoutmode:Bid, SwitchId, Switchmode, Example: cfg-set-swoutused:14,1,enable\\Indicates that alarm output is enabled.

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