Why cannot TRILL be configured in the Admin-VS after VSs are configured in port mode


Constraints for configuring TRILL are as follows:

- TRILL can be configured in the Admin-VS if there is no VS in port mode. No VS in port mode can be configured after TRILL is configured in the Admin-VS.
- If VSs in port mode are configured, TRILL cannot be configured in any VS in port mode, including the Admin-VS.
- All VSs in group mode support TRILL configuration.

Other related questions:
Why cannot users obtain IP addresses after DHCP snooping is configured
After DHCP snooping is enabled, all the interfaces on the device are untrusted interfaces by default. In this case, you need to use dhcp snooping trusted command to set the status of the interfaces connected to the DHCP server to trusted. Otherwise, the DHCP Reply messages sent from the DHCP server are discarded and users connected to the device cannot obtain IP addresses from the DHCP server.

How do I configure VSs
The following describes the basic configuration procedure, which is for reference only. For the detailed configuration procedure and precautions, see the appropriate configuration guide.
<HUAWEI> system-view
[~HUAWEI] admin
[~HUAWEI-admin] virtual-system vs1      //Create a VS named vs1.
[*HUAWEI-admin-vs:vs1] port-mode group      //Configure vs1 to work in group mode.(VSs can work in group or port mode.)
[*HUAWEI-admin-vs:vs1] assign interface 10GE 1/0/0      //Allocate a physical port to vs1.
Warning: All configurations of the interfaces will be deleted. All interfaces of
 the same group will be assigned. Continue? [Y/N]: y
[*HUAWEI-admin-vs:vs1] quit
[*HUAWEI-admin] commit
[~HUAWEI-admin] display virtual-system
Name                             Status
Admin-VS                         running
vs1                              running
If the status of a VS is running, the VS is created.

How to assign ports to VSs
VSs work in group mode and port mode. The admin-VS cannot be configured and can be considered a VS in port mode.

- All the ports on the same forwarding chip of an LPU must be assigned to VSs in group mode.
You can run the display device port-map [ slot slot-id ] command in the user or system view to check ports on an LPU that belong to the same forwarding chip.
<HUAWEI> display device port-map slot 1
Slot    Type           Engine    Interface
1       CE-L24XS-EA    0         10GE1/0/0     - 10GE1/0/23
For example, if 24 ports on a CE-L24XS-EA belong to the same forwarding chip, all these ports will be assigned to VSs in group mode.

- Any ports on an LPU can be assigned to VSs in port mode according to network requirements.

Can I reset a VS separately on CE switches and will reset of one VS affect other VSs
You can reset a VS individually except Admin-VS. Resetting a VS does not affect other VSs.

How can I switch from a common VS to the Admin-VS
You can only switch from the Admin-VS to a common VS, but cannot switch from a common VS to the Admin-VS.

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