How can I switch from a common VS to the Admin-VS


You can only switch from the Admin-VS to a common VS, but cannot switch from a common VS to the Admin-VS.

Other related questions:
Whether the S series switches support the VS feature
S series switches do not support the VS feature.

How to assign ports to VSs
VSs work in group mode and port mode. The admin-VS cannot be configured and can be considered a VS in port mode.

- All the ports on the same forwarding chip of an LPU must be assigned to VSs in group mode.
You can run the display device port-map [ slot slot-id ] command in the user or system view to check ports on an LPU that belong to the same forwarding chip.
<HUAWEI> display device port-map slot 1
Slot    Type           Engine    Interface
1       CE-L24XS-EA    0         10GE1/0/0     - 10GE1/0/23
For example, if 24 ports on a CE-L24XS-EA belong to the same forwarding chip, all these ports will be assigned to VSs in group mode.

- Any ports on an LPU can be assigned to VSs in port mode according to network requirements.

Can I reset a VS separately on CE switches and will reset of one VS affect other VSs
You can reset a VS individually except Admin-VS. Resetting a VS does not affect other VSs.

How can I configure VS resource templates on a CE switch
Create a logical resource template and use it to allocate logical resources to a VS.
[~HUAWEI] admin
[~HUAWEI-admin] resource-template temp1 //Create a resource template.
[*HUAWEI-admin-template:temp1] resource u4route upper-limit 50000 //Configure the resource specification.
[*HUAWEI-admin-template:temp1] resource mpls enable
[*HUAWEI-admin-template:temp1] quit
[*HUAWEI-admin] virtual-system vs1
[*HUAWEI-admin-vs:vs1] assign resource-template temp1 //Load the resource template on the VS.
[*HUAWEI-admin-vs:vs1] commit

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